GSZ 2013 - Conference


The deadline is closed.

Please follow the instructions given on-line, otherwise your abstract cannot be selected for review. A summary of the guidelines is as follows:

  • The abstract language is English
  • The text should be not more than 2300 characters (that includes the title, authors and institutions; space for the abstract-body is 1900 characters include blank spaces and punctuation.).
  • The use of tables or graphs is NOT possible
  • The abstract should consist of four paragraphs labelled: OBJECTIVE, METHODS, RESULTS, CONCLUSIONS
  • The title of the abstract should be printed in CAPITAL LETTERS; the name(s) of the author(s) shoul be preceded by the initials (omittitles) There should be no more than 8 authors
  • Since the abstracts will be judged anonymously, the text may not reveal the institutional affiliation
  • Mark the category which best describes the subject of your abstract.
  • The material should not have been published or presented at any major meeting before.